The special language community of the Dolomites

Tradition and culture of the Ladins

San Vigilio’s special characteristics not only include its wonderful landscape, but also the language of its inhabitants. The Ladin language is still spoken here.
The Ladins of the Dolomites inhabit five valleys that are located around the Sella mountain group: Val di Fassa, Val Gardena, Livinallongo, Ampezzo and Val Badia with San Vigilio di Marebbe. Together with Romansh in Switzerland and Friulian in the Friuli region, they form the Rhaeto-Romanic language family.

Today, this South Tyrolean minority counts about 30,000 speakers. Although the inhabitants of South Tyrol speak mainly German and Italian, it is principally the Ladins who have preserved a great deal of the originality of the region. This includes, for example, the traditional farm settlements typical of the Ladin, known as Viles, which are still found today, especially in Val Badia.

The Ladin culture, tradition and, above all, the way of life can be clearly felt and experienced in our village until today. Guests can attend processions, festivals and cultural events throughout the year and immerse themselves in Ladin traditions. The Ladin cuisine is also very special: typical dishes such as "cancì checi" and "tultres" which were formerly found on farmer's tables, have been passed down through generations and are appreciated as gastronomic specialties today.

In the Ladin museum Ciastel de Tor you can learn more about the history, language and culture of the Ladin people.